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                      Tschida Engineering was founded by Bruce Tschida in 1977 and is located in Northern California. Our focus is consistent, exceptional quality from the initial quotation and order through the production process to the final delivery to the customer. We maintain state of the art equipment and technology to support and achieve this goal.

                      Quality is never compromised at Tschida Engineering, it is the top priority in all aspects of our production and general operations. Exceptional service and support to our customers is another priority and we offer specialized services such as just-in-time inventory support and customized inspection documents.

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                      Tschida Engineering, Inc.
                      1812 Yajome Street, Napa, CA 94559

                      Phone 707-224-4482m88 Fax 707-224-2406

                      m88© 2010 Tschida Engineering, Inc. All rights reserved.

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